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Sasha Turvey

Sasha Turvey is an emerging visual artist and curator who is currently completing a Bachelor of Visual Art, majoring in drawing. His work is primarily mixed media and utilizes a range of surfaces including canvas and board. Often experimental in his approach, he explores ideas related to the human condition, humankind's relationship with the natural world and social issues.

Scott Huddy

Hi I'm Scotty Huddy also known through social media as Huddlestone Photography, I am a self taught Photographer and spent the last 10 years learning everything I can about my passion with the help of my cousin who happens to be a gifted Professional Photographer. I have spent a lot of time shooting local landscapes mostly on the Fleurieu Peninsula and recently the Limestone coast and Shipwreck coast/ Great Ocean Road.

Sera Waters

Much of my work arises from research into South Australian colonial history, which includes the lives of my ancestors who arrived in Port Misery in 1839. I research broad narratives and texts documenting this period, as well as family records, letters and anecdotes. I like to ponder our knotty entanglements and respond with small memorials or installations that confound time and offer alternatives to a linear or limited view of our history.

Serena Florio

Italian artist, graduated in art and design, passionate in art, music, theatre and life; of whom conception of art is to thrash due in the observer a spiritual awakening. Go beyond appearances and feelings, and touch the hidden soul in every person in different ways. Currently involved in a new project, studying the real essence of the human soul.

Simon Tait

Simon Tait is working on concurrent projects and looking for development support; a developing calling card - FishBowl - a hand-drawn, five-minute animation exploring death, shared love and the effects of compromise; a major mixed media project over three interwoven stages, ManGrove;  an e-book, an exhibition of fine drawings and a major feature film based on a true story gleaned from personal, harrowing experiences in the far north of Australia and the Torres Straits.

Simone Kennedy

My practice incorporates painting, soft sculpture and installation as a platform to investigate the multifarious aspects of the mother figure and mothering. I have a particular interest in the developing psychology of attachment surrounding the mother/infant relationship. In 2005 I completed a Masters by Research degree in Visual Arts, at the University of South Australia producing an interpretive investigation of the absence of the mother in relation to the 20th Century artist Balthus Klossowski.


Slingsby creates theatrical experiences that acknowledge the pain that is often a feature of the human experience but that ultimately remind ‘the adult in all of us’ of the potential joy, infinite possibility and wonder of the universe. Slingsby is proudly based in Adelaide, South Australia and is led by Andy Packer (Artistic Director) and Jodi Glass (Executive Producer). The company’s productions are conceived by Andy and developed in collaboration with Artistic Associates Quincy Grant (composer) and Geoff Cobham (designer) alongside teams of artists from a range of artistic disciplines.

Somi Lindsay

Bharatanatyam is one of the oldest of the four main classical dance forms prevailing in India. With a history dating back two thousand years, it is likened to ballet in Western dance. Today it is the most prolific of Indian classical dance forms, incorporating beauty, elegance, aerobic activity and an appreciation of the rich Indian culture.

Sophie Hann

Sophie studied at the New York Studio School on the Ruth Tuck Travelling Scholarship and as a recipient of the AGNSW's Dyasen Bequest for International Study. She exhibits nationally and her work has been selected for numerous awards including the Doug Moran Portrait Prize, the Brett Whitely Scholarship and the Portia Geach Memorial Prize.