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Robin Tatlow-Lord

I am an illustrator, animator, writer and cartoonist with a great love of character and visual storytelling. I work with pencils, ink and watercolor, as well as digital illustration and coloring techniques. I was awarded the Colin Thiele Scholarship for Creative Writing in 2011, and my first animated short was nominated for a South Australian Screen Award. I am particularly interested in representations of women and girls in children's media and contemporary comics.

Rock Chick

Interactive, hyperactive, rock music theater for little people and their parental units. Rock Chick is back with her uber talented band The Submersibles with their heart-stopping, foot stomping, irrepressible rock shows. A new breed of kids' entertainment has hit the globe... open your ear balls and hang on to your teeth!

rory richardson

Richardson's recent paintings present a visual jeopardy of Modern Art in a sitcom with objects from the Post Modern environment. Abstract figures, derivative of Picasso and Hockney, are juxtaposed against a realistic image from our new age, an iPhone 6, an artwork by Damien Hirst, Skype, refugees in chains, the male gaze, etcetera.......

Rosanne Hawke

In writing books for young people Rosanne Hawke often explores themes of relationship, culture and displacement. These themes grew from her experiences of changing states as a child and aid working in the Middle East. History, music, folktales and mystery are woven into her stories. Taj and the Great Camel Trek won the 2012 SA Festival Children’s Book Award and is a celebration of Afghan camel drivers who contributed to our state. Marrying Ameera, the story of Adelaide born Ameera’s forced marriage in Azad Kashmir was a Children Book Council Notable Book 2011.

Ross Ganf: Torque Show

Torque Show is a dance theatre company founded in 2010 by Vincent Crowley, Ingrid Weisfelt and Ross Ganf. The company is committed to creating dramaturgically focused dance theatre that renegotiates the audience/performer contract and releases audiences from seating banks. The work is an exciting departure from previous engagements with Meryl Tankard's Australian Dance Theatre, Force Majeure, Splinter Group and TanzTheatre Bazel. Malmo is Torque Show's first work.

Roy Ananda

My work tends to consist either of discreet objects and drawings that pay homage to various aspects of pop-culture that are close to my heart or more open-ended, process-based objects and environments that reflect a boyish propensity for cubby-building, model-making and make-believe. These two strands of practice both invoke the raucous, larger-than-life physicality of cartoons, slapstick, science-fiction and swashbuckling adventure as well as frequently indulging in visual puns and an absurdist sense of humour.

Russell Freer

As a  lad I always drew stuff to fill my school pages. I would illustrate all kinds of cartoon characters and abstract art. I also found a talent in portraits. I love how working from a photo doesn't lie. A photo is final, the light and shade is where it is. Trying to emulate this honesty and finality is a continuous challenge I'm always going to enjoy.

Rusted Tin Contemporary Aboriginal Arts

Art in South Australia has seen the emergence of Aboriginal Artists who are combining the traditions of their heritage with the designs of the present day.   Scott Rathman is a South Australian artist who is proud of his Aboriginal Past which is represented in his work today   Scott’s family is a descendant of the Aranda people of Central Australia.   The rich design in Scott’s art is a tribute to his Grandmother who was taken from her people as a child, her memory is recorded in his contemporary works.