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Matt Shilcock

Matthew Shilcock is an emerging contemporary/dance theatre artist. Diagnosed at birth with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, commonly known as brittle bone disorder, he spent much of his youth in a wheelchair before learning to walk at the age of 15. Matt has always had a passion for performing, but it wasn’t until 2009 that he began performing professionally.

Maxwell Magain

I enjoy working with different mediums and while I still practice as a traditional photographic visual artist I also like making sculpture with other materials such as wood, stone or bronze casting. Currently exploring computer design jewellery using 3D printing techniques.

Megan O'Hara

Megan is a professional exhibiting artist who has been collected both nationally and internationally. Since graduating from the Adelaide Centre of Arts as the inaugural recipient of the Minter Ellison Emerging Artist Award in 2003, she has had a number of well-received solo exhibitions and was winner of the prestigious Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize in painting in 2004. Megan has been commissioned for public artworks The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Selected for the artistic team working with scientists to create the biodiversity gallery for the South Australian Museum.

Mei Sheong Wong

My 2014 Adelaide Central School of Art Honours research explored the theme of ‘Revenance’ in the medieval Scottish ballad Clerk Saunders through the materiality of print media. This tragic knight seduces his sweetheart Margaret, then is slain by the youngest of her seven brothers, whilst the lovers sleep. After burial, Clerk as ‘Revenant’ appears to Margaret, reclaiming his faith and troth.

Michael Tye

Michael has a background in graphic design and ceramic design. Since 1996 he has been working as a mosaic artist, receiving numerous public and private commissions. He work also includes working on community art projects. Michael has worked with a diverse range of people to create mosaic artworks in many places in both metropolitan and regional South Australia.

Michelle Nikou

Michelle Nikou was born in Adelaide in 1967 and graduated from the South Australian School of Art with a Bachelor of Design in 1989 and a Master of Visual Arts in 2005 Using hands on processes in preference to industrial her work often uses traditional craft practices albeit unconventionally. Dominant amongst the history of using traditional processes within her work is metal-casting (lead, bronze, tin, aluminium). Her work utilizes processes outside of traditional pour/cut/polish methods an in many works the casting process left evident – including much of the plaster.

Michelle Kelly

Mycology - the study of fungi is what inspires me to create artworks. This fifth kingdom produces amazing forms and structures from a wide variety of species and is also an important life force for this planet. I am drawn to the multiple intricacies and the way fungi grow with many layering components within themselves. Exploring size, form, colour and movement gives my practice many layers just like the growth of fungi.

Michelle Willsmore

I am an independent visual artist based in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia since 2006. I am entirely self-taught in both photography and post-processing. My work is predominately in conceptual contemporary photography and digital art, but does extend to a small collection of oil pastels and water colours. I have been a regular exhibitor at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Feast Festival and the South Australian Living Artist Festival (SALA). My most successful series' so far is the Handwritten Dictionary, which took five years from conception to completion.