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Local Revolution

Local Revolution fuse World Music with Reggae, Funk and Hip Hop. Our goal is to inspire and bring joy to the mind, body and soul of everyone around the world. Created on the streets of Adelaide, Local Revolution represent people from all walks of life, united by our passion for music, peace and harmony.

Lorelei Siegloff

Since her graduation from the South Australian School of Art in 2008, local artist Lorelei Siegloff has been a regular exhibitor during SALA, around Australia and overseas. Her work examines the relationship of the artist in response to her world. She is particularly interested in those things we value fleetingly and then discard. Siegloff holds our past treasures up to the light and re-imagines them in new narratives in a contemporary setting.

Lorry Wedding-Marchioro

Lorry Wedding-Marchioro uses her artistic practice as a medium to explore ideas about consciousness and the nature of reality. Research into the esoteric nature of quantum physics and mind science, has provided potent inspiration for a series of sculptures and paintings which seek to portray a sense of heightened awareness, the notion of the vibratory nature of reality, art having the ability to express ideas in ways that scientific theories cannot. Member of Ausglass and Craft South. All images and content on this page owned by Lorry Wedding-Marchioro. Copyright © 2013

Louise Feneley

The paintings included here are part of two significant series of my work, done over the past 10 years. You could say that the series of paintings of gestural drapery was a meditation on an interior life, on filtered light and atmosphere. The latest series of paintings - my response to the experience of being in the wilderness sanctuary of Arkaroola - is a meditation on an exterior world, on earth, air and light, using the forms of rock and sky.


I have broad experience as a contemporary popular musician, producer, composer. As a pianist/keyboardist I have performed in Australia and abroad. I have worked as a professional musician in the role of producer, composer, programmer and arranger, and in New York, Los Angeles, London and Copenhagen, I worked alongside the most outstanding studio professionals working in the industry today. I have a thorough working knowledge of music and recording technology including all the major platforms, sequencing and plug-in applications and orchestral and electronic sound libraries.

Luke Marshall

Luke Marshall is a singer songwriter and artist based in Adelaide. Luke started playing guitar and writing music around the age of 14. It was an instant love affair that has always been a constant in his life. “Performing live is such an elevating experience, being able to tell a story and transcend communication barriers. Music is so much more than just sounds and words, it’s an energy that is shared by the performer and audience and something that is unique to each show” – Luke. His lyrics are reflective of raw and honest feelings that paint both a dark and light picture.


As a contemporary theatre maker and digital artist I am fascinated with articulating stories about site, focusing on composing immersive experiences with mobile technologies and working with the dramaturgies of place. My work has always been about taking the audience on a multi-sensory journey, both indoors and outside, through the use of technology. I am a producer, director and administrator as well as being a method performer for film and stage.

Lyn Wood

These paintings are a personal index, of collapsing light on the sky, cliffs and river, at a given time and space. By recording this constant dialogue between the sky cliffs and river, I hope to affect the act of seeing the unfamiliar, in the familiar. My painting process finds and loses elements, while defining and strengthening others. There is a logic in repetition, manifest in the river itself, with its creative inquiry into all places. The river is a rich and complex resource for my work. It has a leakiness to it. By drawing and painting its biosphere,