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Julia Robinson

My work stems from an enduring interest in various human responses to death, encompassing religion, ritual and fear. Much of my work has explored ideas of the afterlife, the realm of witchcraft and the mythology of the Devil, traditionally personified as a goat.

Julia Sorokina

In 2010 Julia Arrived in Australia from her homeland of Russia with not much more than a few weeks rent and a dream of a life of adventure. Julia has a unique window of perception which shows in her art. Each piece is unique in concept, insightful and impeccable in technique.

Julie Haddrick

In the art of Julie Haddrick, nothing is unnecessary. Her disciplined approach features careful designing and restrained use of colour and materials. Julie embraces the Japanese philosophy of “Wabi Sabi’s”; beauty in imperfection, resonating in her choice of subject matter, themes and media. Julie hand dyes, prints and paints fabrics, often combining/ layering them with vintage Japanese cloth. Her stitching is measured, decorative and purposeful.

Julie Blyfield

My work is inspired by the botanical landscape in Australia which I interpret in my metal work using the technique of ‘metal raising’ and ‘chasing’. I enjoy exploring and collecting plant specimens from rich and diverse environments such as the Simpson Desert in the north of South Australia and further south around the coast of Kangaroo Island. Working with both pure silver and sterling silver as my preferred choice of material, I texture the surface to create individual pieces in the form of jewellery, vessels and also more sculptural pieces.

Justine Centenera

My paintings explore themes of physicality, loss and transition through creating imaginative and ambiguous spaces. The work strives to understand or comes to terms with the transition into a world beyond our limits, living on the boundary, on the edge of the unknown.