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Ian Henderson

Ian Henderson holds a doctorate in creative arts. He has a major interest in the sense of place and in topographical landscape forms; secondly, the way in which human activity relates to these settings—and finally the implied stories that grow from these themes. His paintings have been collected by a number of regional art galleries and public institutions both in Australia and overseas. Celtic Skye Studio is located in Mill Street, Strathalbyn.


Illuminart design and create specialised forms of projection art, including large scale building projection with meaningful animated narratives, interactive projection sculptures that generate music from movement, sneaky and fun guerilla projections, and collaborative hybrid media projects to develop innovative forms of luminous artistry that enliven urban spaces.


India Flint makes images using ecologically sustainable contact printing methods [from plants and found objects] as a means of mapping country - working with cloth, paper, stone, windfallen leaves, water, minerals, bones, the discarded artefacts and hard detritus of human habitation, the local weed burden. Her work conflates the visual and written poetics of place and memory using installation, printing, painting, drawing, and writing - immersing herself in and paying deep attention to the environment, gathering thought and experience, imagery and marks.