Festival Hellenika®

Festival Hellenika®, (Feb - April), is Adelaide's premier festival dedicated to the support, development, promotion and celebration of Hellenic links in the Arts, and their Australian manifestations. It is part of the inspiring journey that has enriched Australia's fabulous multicultural social fabric, broadening horizons, breaking down stereotypes, building links and fostering greater harmony and understanding. It supports community cultural events and artistic endeavor of the highest quality, and aims to be part of the mainstream arts world. In 2003, Festival Hellenika®; initiated and helped organise THE OUD PROJECT (in partnership with NEXUS Multicultural Arts Centre, funded by Arts SA). Local musicians with backgrounds from Afghanistan, Egypt, Greece, Iran, Ireland, and Lebanon, and Joseph Tawadros from Sydney, explored a common musical heritage, culminating in 3 concerts in 2004, 2005 and 2006. In 2004, Festival Hellenika®; approached the ASO, resulting in 2 concerts of music from the Hellenic world at the Adelaide Festival Centre. The program was repeated by the Brisbane Symphony Orchestra including 4 Adelaide musicians! Since 2003 the Adelaide Festival Centre has been a partner in the MUSIC Hellenika®; series of concerts at the Space Theatre. Artists, writers, performers and musicians, we are interested in you and your work and we welcome everybody interested in Hellenic culture.