Strategic Partnerships: Contemporary Music

Grants of up to $10,000 for 'micro' and/or 'small to medium' South Australian music businesses to match cash investment through strategic partnerships that will increase capacity to support SA artists and contribute to a progressive music sector.

This category is only available in the May and August rounds.

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Elizabeth Reid - Project Officer, Contemporary Music
(08) 7320 3307




The applicant must:

  • Be a 'micro' or 'small to medium' music business with a proven track record, operating to further the music sector in South Australia
  • Be based in South Australia
  • Not be in receipt of Organisatons Funding through Arts South Australia.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics defines 'micro' business or enterprise, as a type of small business, often registered, having five or fewer employees. A 'small' business is defined as one that employs fewer than 20 people, whereas 'medium' businesses generally have between 20 and 200 employees.


Please read the criteria specified in Essential reading before applying.

Partnerships of in-kind or contra relationships are not eligible.

It is expected that the investing partner will be a registered business with a commercial interest in South Australia, or a South Australia-based artist.

It is expected that the majority of these grants will be awarded for strategic partnerships between industry and a South Australian artist, or between industry partners that can clearly demonstrate the benefits of the partnership to South Australian artists.

Partnerships must be for a minimum 12-month term with applications for funding to match amounts of cash investment received no more than 3 months prior to submission.

All applications must include a completed Application Form and a Partnership Agreement signed by both parties, that:

  • Sets out the term of the Agreement
  • Outlines the scope of the relationship including activities to be undertaken during the term and identifies milestones for measuring the success of the partnership.

The grant must be used exclusively for the purposes of supporting the partnership goals.

All successful applicants must connect with Creative Partnerships Australia at least once either prior to, or during the term of the partnership.

While you may apply for up to $10,000, you are encouraged to discuss your application with the relevant Arts South Australia project officer.

Applicants must submit a completed application form, together with a Partnership Contract that has been signed by both parties.

Before submitting an application, be sure to read the following information:

Support Material

Ensure that you submit one signed original hard copy of your complete application, including all support material and one digital version on either a cd or usb, again, including digital copies of all relevant support material, including:

  • Samples of South Australian music that is supported through the partnership
  • Letters of support from relevant artists and industry professionals
  • Partnership contract.

Application Checklist

  • I have discussed my application with an Arts South Australia program officer
  • I have supplied one signed original hard copy and one digital copy of the entire application and supporting documents
  • Where appropriate, I have supplied current letters of support from the relevant Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander artists or organisations endorsing the cultural merits of the project
  • I have retained a copy of this application for my records.

Contact Information:

Primary Contact:
Elizabeth Reid
Project Officer, Contemporary Music
Email Address:
(08) 7320 3307