Project Seed Funding: Public Art and Design

Project Seed funding is available to a commissioner towards fees for professional practicing South Australian artists to participate in the concept development stage of a public art project.

An appropriate artist’s fee is determined by:

  • the overall project scope, budget and timeline
  • the number of artists involved
  • the commissioning approach.

Applicants are required to provide details of their proposed project and supply appropriate material to substantiate the request.

Funding of up to $15,000 is available.

Further advice can be provided by Arts South Australia Public Art and Design staff, and you are advised to contact them before preparing an application.


Sue Lorraine - Arts Development Officer, Public Art & Design
(08) 8463 5447


Applications are accepted from South Australian commissioners, who may be community groups, organisations (including those in receipt of ongoing Arts South Australia funds) and Local and State Government agencies.

The private sector is eligible for financial assistance only when in partnership with another eligible applicant, but not directly. The private sector may obtain advice on the commissioning of works of art for public places.

Refer to Essential reading before applying for eligibility requirements for all Arts South Australia programs.

It is a requirement of Project Seed funding that the applicant provide evidence of a commitment to fund the project implementation budget.

Industry best practice will need to be demonstrated in the proposed selection of participating artists. An open call is Arts South Australia’s the preferred method for the selection of artists. Where a limited call or direct selection process is proposed, the rationale for this mode of selection must be strongly and clearly articulated in the application.


Public Art and Design applications will be assessed on the applicant’s ability to demonstrate that the proposed project meets the two key criterions of Artistic Merit and Viability and either Engagement or Development as a third criterion.

In assessing applications the following will be used as a guide by peer assessors. You do not need to address all the bullet points outlined.

If your proposed funded activity meets both the Engagement and Development criterions you are able to address them both.

Artistic merit may refer to:

• innovation, originality, quality, creativity and ambition of the project
• the context in which the project is being undertaken
• the potential contribution of the project to the development of the art form.

Viability may refer to:

• the planning and resources required to achieve the project
• the ability of the applicant to meet the logistical challenges of the proposal
• evidence of strong financial and operational management, including a realistic budget and timeline
• evidence of additional resources and support, including other sources of income and in kind contributions.
• the track record, creative achievement and skill of the artist or artists involved in the project
• demonstration of best practice.

Engagement may refer to:

• the potential to grow audiences and their critical understanding of the art form
• the development of new ways to engage with audiences and community
• the potential to provide opportunities and public art outcomes that increase access, social inclusion and cultural diversity.

Development may refer to:

• the development of artist and art form practice
• the potential to enhance the skills and/or professional reputation of South Australian artists
• the capacity to forge new pathways for artist and sector development
• the capacity to develop new networks, collaborations and partnerships
• the contribution to South Australia’s reputation as a centre of cultural leadership at a national and international level.


Applicants to the Project Seed grant category are advised to contact Arts South Australia Public Art and Design staff to discuss:

• project rationale
• the artist brief and its development
• approach to artist selection process
• timeline
• amount of funding requested

The Public Art and Design application form, project description and draft artist’s brief in most instances form the basis of the application material.

The draft artist brief will need to include information about the project, such as the budget, the commissioner’s objectives, the planned location and proposed artist selection process.
For information on the development of a project and artist brief please refer to the Public Art and Design checklist documents:

what is public art
project initiation and development
developing an artist’s brief

It is a general condition of funding in this category that Public Art and Design staff contributes to the development of the artist’s brief and where appropriate an Arts South Australia peer assessor participates in the selection of artists and/or concepts.

Please ensure that you submit one signed hard copy of your complete application, including all support material and one digital version on USB, again, including digital copies of all relevant support material. The total combined size of your digital application and support material on USB should not exceed 6MB of data.


Contact Information:

Primary Contact:
Sue Lorraine
Arts Development Officer, Public Art and Design
Email Address:
(08) 8463 5447