Building Pathways

Building Pathways assists South Australian artists to build their national and international profile. It supports the development of relationships with influential interstate and international galleries, agents, publishers, producers and presenters.

Funding is available for travel, accommodation and living expenses to bring key industry representatives to South Australia for meetings and presentations.

Funds are also available for South Australian artists to attend significant national and/or international industry events and presentations such as trade fairs, book fairs and performing arts markets. This may include the development of marketing materials for specific projects or activities to assist with the promotion of practising professional South Australian artists.

This category does not support touring of productions or exhibitions.

This category does not support day-to-day marketing costs such as website development.

Download a PDF of previous Building Pathways grant recipients:

- Grant Recipients March 2018
- Grant Recipients December 2017
- Grant Recipients August 2017
- Grant Recipients December 2016
Grant Recipients August 2016
Grant Recipients April 2016


Peter Grace - Manager, Artists' Grants & Awards Program
(08) 8463 5429

Julia Moretti - Arts Development Officer, Artists' Grants & Awards Program
(08) 8463 5455



Eligible applicants will be individual practising professional South Australian artists, arts companies and organisations. Entities in receipt of Arts South Australia organisational and ongoing funding are eligible to apply.

Organisations and enterprises, including private galleries, agents, publishers, producers and presenters can apply to represent South Australian artists to expand markets and generate new sources of income in a national or international context.

You must address the Criteria specified in Essential reading before applying. Artistic Merit and Viability are the two key criteria to consider in your proposal. Address the Engagement and/or Development criteria as they relate to your proposal - your proposal may meet all criteria. You do not need to respond to each individual bullet point.

In addition, the following criteria apply specifically to the Building Pathways funding program:

  • the level of confirmed activity (meetings etc) in the proposal
  • existing and potential resources being brought to the project, including other funding and your own contribution.

Use the Professional Development application form to apply for Building Pathways funds.

Eligible expenses include:

  • travel
  • accommodation
  • living allowances
  • marketing materials for specific projects or activities
  • freight

You should discuss your application and budget with the relevant Arts South Australia Arts Officer, and look at past grant recipients listings as a guide.

Support material

Support material is extra items submitted in support of your written proposal. Support material will be viewed by assessment peers and tabled at the assessment meeting.
Only submit material that is directly relevant to your proposal and ensure that visual support material is high quality. Support material will not be accepted after the closing date.
Support material may include:

  • books, publications, manuscripts, programs, catalogues etc. These items can be paper-based and provided with your original application
  • URL links to vimeo, youtube or other websites are preferred
  • music and video support material must be supplied in a format that is easily duplicated and playable on a range of devices. Edited highlights of 3 – 5 minutes are recommended
  • all digital support material must be fully PC and Windows compatible and accompanied by a short written description for conceptual installations or multimedia.


Visual art, craft and design applicants are required to submit images in PowerPoint form. The PowerPoint must be accompanied by an image list, including dates and full descriptions of the works. A total of nine (9) images for individual applicants or twenty (20) images for a group can be submitted.

Written materials such as CVs, letters of support and media clippings should be included as part of the written application. They are not considered support materials as such, but are useful for providing a history of the artist.

It is recommended that the electronic copy of your application and your support material are submitted together on a single USB. All USBs and files contained on them must be clearly identified with the applicant’s name and project title.

The total combined size of your application and support material must not exceed 6MB of data. Your support material must be in a format which is of the highest quality achievable within the data limit.

Hard copy support material can be collected from Arts South Australia after notification of the result of your application. If not collected within two months of notification, Arts South Australia will dispose of material.

Contact Information:

Primary Contact:
Peter Grace
Manager, Artists' Grants & Awards Program
Email Address:
(08) 8463 5429