About Arts South Australia

The role of Arts South Australia is to ensure that the State recognises and capitalises on economic opportunities arising from the diverse arts and cultural organisations, practitioners, events and physical assets in the state by developing programs that build on cultural heritage and creativity, and providing financial support to the creative industries.

Arts and cultural development in the State is characterised by a diversity of practice and practitioners, unique and historic assets and facilities, world renowned collections and a commitment to arts for all regardless of geographic location or circumstance.

High quality arts experiences challenge and enrich the lives of South Australians. Support for the arts is demonstrated by:

  • support for the subsidised sector (organisations and individuals)
  • support for the making of work by South Australian artists
  • promotion nationally and internationally of work, either as an audience member or participant
  • care of the state’s collections and the buildings and assets that house them
  • care of the performing arts venues and assets.

Arts South Australia's structure recognises three broad categories in South Australia's arts and cultural sector - the makers of art, the collectors of art and the presenters of art. Arts South Australia is made up of the following branches:

Executive - Acting Director: Jennifer Layther
Arts Industry and Finance - Makers and Presenters - Director: Jeff Andary
Cultural Heritage and Assets - Collectors - Director: Hannah Schultz
Arts Programs, Organisations and Initiatives - Makers and Presenters - Director: Jennifer Layther

Arts South Australia also includes Artlab Australia, a conservation service provider and business enterprise committed to conserving South Australia's works of art and cultural heritage. Artlab also provides commercial consulting and treatment services to business, private and public organisations, groups and individuals across the country and in East Asia.

An effective legislative framework underpins the State’s investment in arts and cultural development in South Australia.

This framework includes 9 statutory authorities, encompassing the North Terrace cultural institutions and major makers and presenters as follows:

Between them they are responsible for the delivery of core services, programs and infrastructure across all art forms and for all arts-related purposes.

Arts South Australia also provides funding to the following major organisations:

In addition, more than 50 small to medium organisations and many thousands of individual artists are supported through Arts South Australia’s funding and grants programs. Funding programs span art forms and sectors, including contemporary music, public art and design, makers and presenters, artists and organisations for people with disability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts.

Carefully targeted programs administered by Arts South Australia support artists and organisations through flexible funding arrangements that include triennial, annual and project-specific agreements.

Arts South Australia also manages buildings, many of which are heritage listed.

Arts South Australia is part of the Department of Premier and Cabinet, led by Premier The Hon. Steven Marshall MP.