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Jarrod Hoare

A bilingual performing artist, who educates and inspires! Kyōgen and Rakugo Specialist! Jarrod was the proud recipient of the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Japan Travel Fund, thanks to Arts South Australia. Throughout Australia, Japan and beyond, Jarrod tailors interactive performances and workshops to suit the needs of students, teachers, festivals and community groups. He is passionate about building bridges of cultural and artistic exchange. Whilst respecting cultural traditions, Jarrod is excited to further explore the development of contemporary work possibilities.

Jason Sweeney

Australian sound and video artist Jason Sweeney believes that cities have long underestimated the importance of “sonic health.” He wants to create a crowd sourced map of quiet places where introverts, people with disabilities, and those who simply crave some quiet can find refuge. To read more about this recent TEDPrize City 2.0 winner, visit

Jean Winter

Personal Statement I am currently studying a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design at Adelaide Central College of the Arts, Light Square, Adelaide. I wish to continue my career in the ‘arts’ and to obtain employment in this field. To earn an income based on my capabilities. Career Summary I have been interested and actively involved in practising art most of my life. In 1981, I achieved high marks in matriculation with distinctions in Art and English. I achieved A grades in all subjects throughout this year.

Jelina Haines

Jelina Haines migrated to Australia in 1997 from the Philippines. She is an Austronesian, Spanish & Malay-Filipino descent.  She holds a degree in Master in Business Information Management, Graduate Certificate in Business Information Mgmt (Archival & Preservation Mgmt), Bachelors of Arts (Arts - Textile Design) and Diploma in Community Cultural Development.

Jenna Pippett

By responding to collected family memorabilia, my work attempts to forge a link to the past by recreating and re-imagining situations. With an interest in understanding the life and circumstances of my family history, the work pieces together information from evidence and stories gathered over the years.

Jennifer Kingwell

Jennifer Kingwell is a musician and performer of delicious contrasts – a genre-blending diviner of punk ukulele anthems to lush solo piano compositions, cabaret torch songs to epic alt-pop tracks.

Jenny Allnutt

A fascination with the symbolism of folk mythology and connection to the unconscious mind manifests itself throughout Jenny’s oeuvre. Often underlying the work is a tension between the beautiful and the grotesque, between reality and the otherworldly. Like the female surrealists before her, Jenny’s work delves into her own subconscious and these archaic texts, creating idiosyncratic works that become artefacts from an imagined, nostalgic past.

Jesse Price

These two images focus on two versions of the concept I am interested in and depict in my photographic work. It explores the perspective we see our surroundings, natural and urban landscapes.