Eleanor Zecchin

  • Stop.Breathe.
Eleanor Zecchin is based in Adelaide, working as both a practicing artist and lecturer at Adelaide College for the Arts. Her paintings have been exhibited locally and interstate and she is currently completing her Masters in Visual Arts through Monash University. "My paintings speak about the complex nature of the everyday. It is in constant flux yet it provides a source of comfort through the familiar and routine symbols of banal objects, rituals and other happenings. Past and present overlap, moments blend and repeat themselves through the process of recollection and retrieval. Moments, as distinct from instants, are something of particular value that we take from the muddle of our days. The moment and the memory that it contains, is used to describe the content that has been selected from the everyday. Lefebvre suggests that the moment unites the poetry and all that is prosaic in the everyday. (349). [1] The works visually document household noise, playful dreams and an ever persistent desire to continue seeking out optimistic points of view whilst undertaking some rather mundane domestic tasks. I create jewel-like assemblages of imagery for small works suggesting intimate spaces in which to ponder the quieter celebrations. In contrast to this more contemplative approach I also make larger dreamscapes which sing a little louder. These allow elements of controlled chaos to reign and create pleasing tension between these spaces and the quieter areas of calm." Eleanor Zecchin 2012 [1] Lefebvre.H, 1961, translated by Moore.J, 2002, Critique of Everyday Life vol 11 Foundations for a Sociology of the Everyday, Chapter 6 The Theory of Moments, pages 340-358, Verso Publishing.