David Follett

Currently working on ‘Uncle Silas: Earth’ (the sequel to my first graphic novel ‘Uncle Silas: Genetis’), an all ages action packed Sci-Fi adventure story set in the Naracoorte Caves, South Australia. The Uncle Silas series explores the current scientific and environmental concerns of genetic manipulation, interconnectivity both in nanotechnology and between humanity and nature, as well as touching on recent innovations in biotechnology. All leading to the philosophical question: “Just where will human endeavors take us into the near future?” The main characters will carve out new territory in order to come to an understanding of humanity’s place in this brave new world of our own creating. The first award winning installment has been a major hit with younger readers. Other freelance work includes illustration for publishing and advertising, character design for packaging, storyboarding for film and television, cartoons and comic strips.