Alessandro Carletti

  • Divine Mother and Child
    Divine Mother and Child
I have been developing my studio practice with the intention of curating, creating, and bringing through artwork that sings with the universal life. I have approached my art practice as a spiritual practice, as a vision quest, as a shamanic journey. I have been seeking to create imagery that speaks a universal message and yokes me to harmonise to the world soul- anima mundi. Art has been a healing path, working on resolving my inner tensions, uncertainties and bringing clarity to my emotions. I have been practicing as an art therapist, using the artistic process with a client for them to have a counselling and transformative process. I am interested in the emergence of the visionary art movement, finding inspiration in artists like Ernst Fuchs, Alex Grey and My art art seeks to express an inner dimensionality, explored through his yoga practice, that merges the interior and exterior, bridging the world of subjective awareness and contemplative expression. Anima Mundi is the theme of his work, the world soul, represented and meditated upon as a universal spirituality, the contemplation of the sacramental vision. The light of spirit shines through radiant works, seeking to capture the Divine within, delving into the frontiers of consciousness expansion. Art is a shamanic path, a path of personal healing and collective awakening.