South Australian Living Artist Publication

The annual South Australian Living Artist publication supports the production of a major, high-quality book profiling an established South Australian visual artist with a significant track record of achievement in their area of practice. The book is developed and published in conjunction with the Board of the South Australian Living Arts (SALA) Festival and Wakefield Press.

The South Australian Living Artist publication is designed to position South Australian visual artists in a national and/or international context. The publication will:

  • be a strategic promotional tool to assist in the development of the artist’s audience and career profile
  • focus on the artist's current practice and future career directions rather than take a purely retrospective approach in celebrating the artist's history
  • provide a comprehensive analysis of the conceptual approach of the artist
  • provide a significant resource for curators, galleries, collectors, researchers and students.

It also aims to support the development and profile of South Australian arts writers through:

  • commissioning a professional arts writer to write the book
  • building the successful writer’s catalogue of independent publications
  • providing a mentorship opportunity for an emerging SA arts writer.

Nominations are invited from individuals and organisations for practising professional visual artists working and living in South Australia. Self-nominations will also be accepted.

Nominees will be outstanding in their field of visual arts, craft and design. Nominees will be actively consolidating their professional profile through a program of significant national and/or international activity to coincide with the release of the publication.

Nominations will include a South Australian arts writer or writers to develop the content of the book and an emerging South Australian writer to undertake a mentorship.

The writer will be commissioned to research and prepare a major essay of approximately 6000 words, prepare a comprehensive CV and a bibliography of the artist and manage the selection, captioning and crediting of images used in the publication. The emerging writer will assist the writer at all stages of the project.

Assessment peers for this category are representatives from the SALA Festival Board, Wakefield Press, Arts South Australia’s Visual Arts, Craft and Design peer assessors and the broader independent arts sector. The decision of the peers is final and feedback will not be provided.

It is expected that the book will be released to coincide with a major exhibition of the artist’s work. The exhibition must at least be of national significance and may be international.

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Peter Grace - Manager, Artists' Grants & Awards Program
(08) 8463 5429

Belinda Powles - Arts Development Officer, Artists' Grants & Awards Program
(08) 8463 5512

Julia Moretti - Arts Development Officer, Artists' Grants & Awards Program
(08) 8463 5455

Who can nominate:

  • outstanding visual artists, living and working in South Australia, who are on the cusp of an international career
  • SA writers, including those who have previously written a book in this series
  • the successful artist and writer will be required to nominate an emerging arts writer to be mentored on the project
  • a nominator can make more than one nomination
  • nominations on behalf of an artist or writer must also include the nominee's signed permission.

In addition to the Criteria specified in Essential reading before applying, the following considerations also apply:

  • nominees must be practising, professional visual artists or arts writers, living and working in South Australia
  • the artist's work must be of high artistic merit, innovative and original
  • the artist's planned career schedule for the next 18 months-two years is to be provided, and should ideally include a confirmed major national and/or international presentation coinciding with the release of the publication
  • the quality and style of the writer's previous written material
  • the writer's approach to the topic
  • the writer's demonstrated ability to write about the visual arts and culture and understanding of the selected artist's work or specific genre
  • the writer's demonstrated ability to work to a timeline
  • an existing comprehensive, high-quality image bank of the artist's work.

Support material

Support material is extra items submitted in support of your written proposal.

Choose support material carefully and submit only material that is directly relevant. Ensure that the quality of your visual support material is of a high standard. Please check with the Project Officer if you have any queries.

If possible, it is recommended that the electronic copy of your application and your support material are submitted together on a single USB. All USBs, and files contained on them, must be clearly identified with the applicant’s name and project title.


The total combined size of your application and support material must not exceed 6MB of data.


This means that your support material must demonstrate your work in a format which is of the highest quality achievable within the data limit. Support material will be viewed by the panel and tabled at the assessment meeting.

Written materials such as CVs, letters of support and media clippings should be included as part of the written application and as such, are not considered support materials, but are useful for providing a history of the artist.

Support material may include:

• books, publications, manuscripts, programs, catalogues etc. These items can be paper-based and provided with your original application.
• URL links to websites are preferred.
• Video support material must be supplied in a format that is both easily duplicated and playable on different computers and tablets. Edited highlights of 3 – 5 minutes are recommended rather than an entire work.
• If you do supply CD-ROMs or DVDs, the material needs to be fully PC and Windows compatible and accompanied by a short written description for conceptual installations or multimedia.

A total of twelve (12) images for individual applicants must be in a PowerPoint presentation and saved at a resolution of at least 1024 x 768. The PowerPoint must be accompanied by an image list, including dates and full descriptions of the works.

Support material can be collected from Arts South Australia after notification of the result of your application. If not collected within two months of notification, Arts South Australia will dispose of material.

Support material will not be accepted after the closing date.

Contact Information:

Primary Contact:
Peter Grace
Manager, Artists' Grants & Awards Program
Email Address:
(08) 8463 5429